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Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors of which we take care of the design-engineering, production and maintence services
Zucchelli belt conveyors can be provided for service "light", "medium", "intense" or "super-intensive" (depending on you to ensure the 15.000 hours of operation to 40.000 hours or more ').
We can provide fixed belt conveyors on trestles or drawn (with lights between the supports which may be of a few meters to 30 m or more), or movable on axles with wheels ( shuttle conveyors ), or integral with the movable bridges (systems for automatic park-making ).
We can guarantee flow-capacity in mass from a few kg / h (small conveyors for packages) to over 2000 ton / h (larger carriers for bulk materials)
We can provide machines suitable for use in Atex area (risk of explosion or fire), or for use in tunnels or underground mining (risk of fire combined with high humidity), or finally, suitable for food use ( with FDA certifications ).

The basic elements for forming a rubber belt conveyor are:

The basic elements for forming a  rubber belt conveyor are:
- The carrier structure or the two flanks-sides (example : Upn, C-shape steel sheets , N..2 current angle lattice) with suitable cross struts.
- The drive head full of Drive pulley, Supports with self-aligning bearings and Group Motor + Reducer ;
- The return head full of  Tail pulley , Supports with self-aligning bearings, and tension system ;
- Superior Idlers Stations for rollers support (can be for one horizontal roller , 2 roller “V”, 3 rollers “\ _ /”, garland of 5 rollers, 6 rollers for “pipe” type )
- Inferior Idlers Stations for return rollers (can be up to 1 roller, 2 rollers “V”, to "pipe" to 6 rolls)
- The impact rollers ( with rubber rings close together and complete with ball bearings lubricated for life) for the load zones with a suitable reduced pitch ;
- The handling rollers (complete with ball bearings lubricated for life) with a suitable pitch ;
- The return rollers (complete with ball bearings lubricated for life) which may have spaced rubber rings or steel spirals to facilitate cleaning of the belt in the inferior return section.
- The rubber, generally in black rubber (but could also be, according to the type of transported material, polyurethane, PVC, white rubber certified food FDA) which is closed in a ring (with or junction vulcanized by heating or special joints mechanical) to constitute a single element which is driven by the drive pulley (usually rubber coating in order to increase the friction factor) which typically is installed in the head to the conveyor itself (that is next to the unloading area)
- The skirts of containment, made of sheet steel and complete of rubber plates fixed with suitable systems manually adjustable clamp.
- Loading hopper (to properly load the incoming material);
- Unloading Chute  (to download properly transported material) eventually with flange for dust extraction;
- Superior Covers  ( for protection by rain, wind, dust)
- Closures lower (anti-fall)
We can provide over that belt conveyors "rolling" (when precisely the rubber mat is supported at idle rollers) also conveyors to "creep": in this case the belt in the forward portion is supported or a pickled sheet continuous or longitudinal guides polizene a low coefficient of friction.

Our belt conveyors:

- Are designed for the detection system revolution counters ( predisposition for inductive sensor ),
- Can be fitted with rope emergency switches along the entire machine (in order to ensure a safe stop in every point he was the operator around the conveyor)

- Are equipped with carters and protection from rotating parts and moving parts;
- If equipped with covers, are equipped with inspection doors under;
- Can be equipped with misailignment sensor pairs , with detectors clogging, the discharge level probes, detection systems tears on belt, dynamic weighing systems, deferrizers systems, metal detector systems.