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Redler (scraper chain conveyors)
Redler, scraper chain conveyors of which we take care of the we take care of the design-engineering, production and maintence services

Conveyors are particularly suitable for the handling of sludge (wet or dry), dust, ash, organic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW), pollutants and highly abrasive. The redler conveyors generally are used whenever you need to move products in "closed box" (dust tight) to prevent and reduce losses in the environment and sealed from the outside weather (rain).

Our scraper chain conveyors may be with single-chain (central with side flaps) or double chain (with crossbars usually bolted ; The chains are highly alloyed steel and subjected to heat treatments wear. They are also suitable for long distance transport, for transport with inclinations up to 90 ° while also allowing direct loading of silos.

They are generally made to travel at modest speeds (3 to 20 m / min)
One typical application of these machines you have in industries of grain , steelworks (conveyors under Electro-filter) in waste-water treatment plants and sludge treatment.