Design assistance construction Banderbord Italy

Bandebord (or Sidewall) handling system
Belt conveyors Bandebord type (or Sidewall type) of which we take care of the design-engineering, production and maintence services
Belt conveyors called Bandebord or Sidewall characterized from presenting a Special rubber belt features:
- Edges containment bilateral wavy
- Strips cross-cups for lifting material

These machines allow lifting:
- Handling straights with inclinations> 25 °
- Handling with development  Horizontal –Inclined – Inclined  (example 0 ° -70 ° -20 °)
- Handling with vertical lifts (example 0 ° -90 ° -0 °) for direct loading of silos.


Trasportatori a nastro con listelli e bande laterali per rifiuti solidi urbaniTrasportatore a nastro con listelli e bande laterali per rottami di vetro Particolare del tappeto in gomma tipo bandebord