Submerged Extractors Conveyors

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Submerged Extractors Conveyors
Submerged Conveyors of which we take of the design-engineering, production and maintence services
Are Extractors - Conveyors, with path \ _ / (inclined-horizontal-inclined), whose transport box is sealed (water-tight) as the materials to be transported, at high temperature, should be "off" or "cooled" before being delivered to the discharge.
The submerged conveyors are, in general, with moderate flow, low handling speeds and consequently low power installed.

Classic uses of these machines we have:
- Incinerators, in biomass heating plants where it is necessary to switch off the combustion ash
and / or slag (including any large lumps);  In this case speaks of conveyors slag water bath
- In glassworks, where you have to turn off, in the box of transport, the molten glass. In this case we speak of conveyor type Zippe water bath.


The extractors water bath are usually:

- Conveyor metal shutters double chain (these machines excise and carrying slag and ash floating);
- Conveyor double chain with scrapers with the function of the dredging of the heavy and solid material that settles on the bottom. In this case the machines typically have bottom covered with wear-resistant steel.
In general, the heads are of the type "water out" to facilitate the maintenance and reduce oxidation.
In the final stretch inclined, in particular, the chains ( and the flights ) out of the water and carry the material (drained) to the unloading.

Submerged Extractors ConveyorsSubmerged Extractors ConveyorsSubmerged Extractors Conveyors