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Bucket elevatorsBucket elevatorsBucket elevators

Bucket elevatorsBucket elevatorsBucket elevators

Bucket elevators of which we take care of the design-engineering, production and maintence services.

Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators high speed , with rubber belt (discharge centrifugal)

They work with a speed of  70…95 m / min and are suitable for direct loading of the material inside buckets and unloading for launch centrifugal. On these machines the loading mode are very important, therefore, particular attention to the projetc and realization of the tail head .

The driving head is shaped ad hoc to avoid the wear of the inside walls and to ensure the proper discharge of the material.
The drive pulley is generally coated with rubber (diamond carved) and with shaft if necessary removable (by suitable clamping).
The return pulley is usually squirrel cage type with cones for ejection of materials possibly penetrated, also with removable shaft if necessary (by suitable clamping).
The rubber belt present special covers and can be supplied, if there were important phenomena of dredging in the bottom of tail head , even with a core formed of metal cables of suitable diameter and any textures transverse cut resistant.

The rubber belt is obviously perforated (with an appropriate pitch) for the application of the buckets to means special high strength bolts.
The special joint Zucchelli-Jackson ensures the continuity of the belt without having to build costly vulcanization or special mechanical joints

Bucket elevators with double chain (a centrifugal discharge)

They work with a speed of 65…75 m / min, suitable for dredging load (on the bottom of the tail head) and unloading for direct launch of the material. In the case of calibrated chains, the wheels packs are usually in a single piece or separable into two halves easily replaceable. Special and tested cementation systems ensure long life to the toothed wheels and chains with highly abrasive materials. The buckets are fixed, with a suitable pitch, to the chains by means of suitable handles and fixing nuts.


Bucket elevators low speed continuous

They Elevators are operating at low speeds (less than 60 m / min), therefore particularly suitable for all those cases in which you must avoid torment the material with bumps, impacts of dredging or launches at the unloading; are given for the lifter of very light materials, very fine (sizes lower than 10 mm), which would otherwise be dispersed into the air stream made by the cups; are imposed for very hard materials, such as vitreous slag of blast furnace because their parts (buckets in particular) relatively slow, suffer less wear.

The loading takes place directly in the bucket, the discharge takes place by sliding of the material on the back of the previous bucket and consequent fall in the outlet mouth. The buckets can be constructed, S275JR steel (Fe 430 B), aluminum, stainless steel, HDP, Nyrim , special PVC and mounted on the chain or belt.

Bucket elevators low speed central unloading

Have the particularity to unloading the material by gravity to the center of the drive head of the elevator. The complete overthrow of the bucket takes place thanks to the special design of the buckets themselves which allows the discharge of materials also particularly adherent, sticky, light, volatile. For their unique size are suitable for high flow, combining though always a great uniformity of operation.