Construction equipment industrial transportation Italy

The Zucchelli srl designs and manufactures:
Rubber Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators (with rubber belt or chains), screw conveyors, volumetric exctractors feeders (rubber belt, metallic apron), weighing xtractors feeders (rubber belt, screw), Crushers, Lump Breakers, Magnetic separators with rubber belt, Rotating Screens , Spill chains, Scrapers conveyors chain type Redler or our type, Zippe Conveyors, Screw Screens, Vibrating feeders, weighing systems for belt conveyors, silos, steel structures for conveyors (such as tunnels, high supports , towers , walkways), Special Conveyors type Pipe Conveyors, type Bandebord (or sidewall);  two-way diverters , three-way diverters, guillotine valves , shutters with bars,  rotating valves, vertical-axis mixers, harbour hoppers with dedusting systems for unloading ships, dedusting systems over-belts, bridge cranes, overhead cranes, special cranes , lifting beams, run ways for bridge cranes.