Consulting, Engineering, Construction Hanling Systems (Abruzzo) Teramo.

The Zucchelli srl is the solution for your needs of  Bulk Material Handling, Hoisting ans Storage.

The company, based in Teramo, is able to provide:


Design services (mechanical engineering) such consultations, layout studies, feasibility and budgeting studies, development assembly drawings and construction drawings, revamping and retrofitting of existing machines with CE certification ;

Machinery and handling equipment (for raw materials and finished products) constructed in a workmanlike manner and installed at the customer with turnkey system (on request also complete electrical system).


Carlo ZucchelliFounders of the company are:
- Carlo Zucchelli (which has forty years experience in the field of transportation systems and that over the years has been responsible for the technical, commercial and consultant for several engineering companies in the industry handling-transport ) - Doc. Eng. Andrea Zucchelli (designer with over 15 years of experience at several major companies in the field of transport-handling, hoisting and storage)


The Zucchelli srl is structured with a modern technical department which has competent and enthusiastic people capable of solving any problem plant in many sectors: from food companies to  glass industry, from brick production factories to sugar industry , from waste traitment plants to cement plants, from steel mills to fertilizers sector.


Some technicians who work with us have past experience in waste treatment plants (design and implementation composting plants, shredders, plant disposal refrigerators).

We can design and build , for only example:
- Harbour Plants for loading and unloading ships
- Hoppers with dedusting systems for unloading ships
- Plants with storage , recovery, sorting, handling and weighing of wood chips for biomass power plants fired
- Machinery and Equipment for loading lorry and tankers
- Suspended or Overland rubber belt conveyors
- Deferrizers systems,
- Ellipse Hydraulic Extractor from silo with flat bottom
- Hydraulic Walking flow systems from rectangular hoppers,

Ask for a no obligation quote; we will be willing to make an inspection at your facility and advise the best.